Character Creation Template

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Character Creation Template

Post by SG Above on Sun Nov 22, 2015 3:29 pm

Character Creation Template:
Copy and paste the following in a new topic and make the topic title your characters name.

Character Name- Name your character

Character Age-How old are you?

Character Gender-What’s your gender?

Place of Birth-Where were you born?

Occupation-Where do you work? (Not required to start with one)

Character Class(s)-Choose your classes from classes listed below.

Character Background-What’s your background? Here you talk about your past, present, and how you perceive your future. This has to be a minimum of TWO paragraphs. Each paragraph has to be a minimum of 4 sentences.

Gamertag-What’s your xbox live name?


Wealthy-Start off with an extra $5,000 (can have second class)

Protected-Start off with a pistol and a gun license (can have second class)

Plebeian-25% increase in weekly wages from job (not owned business, can have second class)

Bookwork-College attendance is cut in 1/2 (can have second class)

Chemist-Can make certain drugs (can have second class)

Genius-Free college degree (cannot choose second class)

Driver-Starts with a free vehicle under $20,000 (cannot be chopped, cannot choose second class)

Entrepreneur-can start with a 24/7 or a Discount/Binco Store (cannot choose second class)

CEO-15% discount on purchasing businesses. 15% increase in income from business (cannot have a second class)

Drug Dealer-Can sell drugs for 10% higher price(npcs) and can get a 10% discount on buying drugs for resell. (cannot have second class)

Hacker- Can disrupt and turn off cameras and securities systems at a location for a day. (cannot have second class)

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