General Store, Ammunation and Black Market Information

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General Store, Ammunation and Black Market Information

Post by SG Above on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:19 am

Concealable Weapons

Tight fit clothing will not be able to conceal any weapon besides pistols and knives. However, clothing such as jeans sweat pants, jackets, suits, etc may be able to conceal not only pistols but also a combat knife, micro smg, or a sawed-off shotgun. Wearing a trench coat will also allow you to conceal at least 1 assault rifle or any other rifle. All other guns such as Sniper Rifles, SMGs, Pump shotguns, LMGs, etc can not be concealable.

*In addition to the concealable weapons, both the SNS pistol and combat knife can be placed discretely on your person to remain hidden from enemies. However, if a roleplayer states that he is checking you for hidden weapons than they will be discovered. If a roleplayer fails to state: "Im checking you for hidden weapons," then the player with hidden weapons can use the SNS pistol if or when free from bondage. A hidden combat knife may also free you from bondage depending on the type used. (Cannot cut through handcuffs)


In the General Store, players will be able to buy things helpful to their characters. When you buy something in this topic, you need post it in your bank and necessities, otherwise you don't have it.

Prices of Materials:

Pre-paid/burner phones- $200.00 (Digital Den store)
Mask- $100.00 (Mask Store)
Surgical/Latex Gloves- $75.00 (Clothing Store)
Driver Gloves- $100.00 (Clothing Store)
Finger-less Gloves- $100.00 (Clothing Store)
Leather Gloves- $100.00 (Clothing Store)
Open Face Helmets- $400.00 (Clothing Store)
Dirt Bike Helmets- $500.00 (Clothing Store)
Closed Face Helmets- $700.00 (Clothing Store)
Mechanic Coverall- $60.00 (Clothing Store)
Coverall with sleeves- $50.00 (Clothing Store)
C.B. Radio- $500.00 (Electronics store)
Vehicle Trackers- $3,000.00 (Can track only your own vehicle) (Electronics store)
Security Systems- $10,000.00 (Includes 10 Cameras and a built-in alarm system) (Electronics store)
Cameras- $1,500.00 (Comes in 5 Cameras) (Electronics store)
Earpiece- $300.00 (Can communicate with others in a party at any distance) (Digital Den)
Bicycles- $400.00 (Sporting good)
Parachute- $2,000.00 (Sporting good)
Lockpick Set- $100.00 (Can quietly break into a cars) (You Tool)
Duct tape- $10.00 (You Tool)
rope/cord- $20.00 (You Tool)
Zip-ties- 3 for $10.00 (You Tool)
Handcuffs- 1 set $100.00 (You Tool)
Gas Mask- $250.00 (You Tool)
Hazmat Suit- $1,500.00 (You Tool)
Backpack- $50.00 (You Tool) (Can store small firearms, drugs, money etc.)
Dufflebag- $100.00 (You Tool) (Can store only 1 rifle; i.e: Carbine rifle, or Assault rifle) (Can store max 10 kilos)
*Molotov Cocktails- $100.00 PER Molotov Cocktail (Kerosene + Alcohol
*Broken Bottle- Free (liquor store/Bar; Must break a bottle)
*Hatchet- $150.00 (You Tool)
*Knuckle Dusters- $600.00


Bat-$30.00 (Sporting good)
Golf Club-$100.00 (Sporting good)
Crowbar-$60.00 (Hardware Store)
Hammer-$15.00 (Hardware Store)
Jerry Can- $20.00 (Gas Station)
Flare Gun- $250.00 (You Tool)
Flash Light- $100.00 (You Tool)
Pepper/Mace Spray- $25.00 (Sporting good)
(Exclusive for women only. Effects: temporarily blinds for 15 seconds)(Only for defense)



Combat Pistol-$600
SNS pistol-$750
Heavy pistol-$1,600
Vintage Pistol-$600
Pistol .50-$1,500


Pump Shotgun-$2,500

Long Rifles:

Marksman Rifle-$5,000

Gun Attachments:

Extended Mags-$100

Antique Knife-$700
Machete- $300

Body Armor:
Super Light Armor- $500
Light Armor- $1,000
Standard Armor- $2,000

Rebreather- $500
Night Vision- $1,000


Purchasing Legal/Illegal Weaponry-
Players may purchase legal and illegal weapons for a reduced price but face legal consequences If caught with the weapon. Players must contact a gang/faction that sells guns and set up a meeting spot. You must pay the arms dealer in advance and he/she will give you the weapon.
*Note: Trying to contact Factions with high-end guns may be more difficult to reach. Players must try to impress or catch their attention in order to buy weapons from them.

Legal Weapons (Purchased Illegally)-

Pistol- $300
Combat Pistol- $450
SNS Pistol- $500
Heavy Pistol- $1,000
Vintage Pistol- $250
Pistol .50- $1,250

Pump Shotgun- $500

Musket- $500

Illegal Weapons:


AP Pistol- $5,000


Sawed Off- $750
Assault Shotgun- $20,000
Bullpup Shotgun-$5,000
Heavy Shotgun- $15,000


Micro SMG- $1,000
Machine Pistol- $1,500
SMG- $5,000
Assault SMG- $15,000
Combat PDW- $25,000
Gusenberg Sweeper- $3,000

Assault Rifles:

Assault Rifle- $7,000
Carbine Rifle- $12,000
Advanced Rifle- $15,000
Special Rifle- $35,000
Bullpup Rifle- $25,000


MG- $80,000
Combat MG- $100,000


Sniper Rifle-$15,000
Marksman Rifle-$3,000
Heavy Sniper-$35,000

Heavy Weapons:

RPG- $150,000
Grenade Launcher- $250,000


Tear Gas- $200 PER tear gas
Grenade- $3,500 PER grenade
Sticky Bomb- $25,000 PER sticky bomb
Proximity Mine- $30,000 PER proximity mine

Body Armor:

Heavy Armor- $3,000


The Lost MC-
Leaders: Johnny Klebitz (President)
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
HQ: Stab City
Stock: Pistols, Combat Pistols, Pistol .50s, AP Pistols, Pump Shotguns, Sawed-off Shotguns, Micro SMGs, Machine Pistols and Assault Rifles.

*Los Santos Triads-
Leaders: Wei Cheng
Type: Chinese crime syndicate
Territories conquered, controlled, or are hoping to take over: Little Seoul and West Vinewood
Stock: Pistols, Combat Pistols, Heavy Pistols, AP Pistols, Micro SMGs, SMGs, Pump Shotguns, Assault Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Bullpup Rifles, Special Carbines, MGs, Tear Gas, Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Heavy Armor.

*Petrovic Mafiya-
Leaders: Kenny Petrovic
Type: Russian Crime Syndicate
Territories conquered, controlled, or are hoping to take over: Liberty City and Los Santos
Stock: Pistols, Combat Pistols, Vintage Pistols, Micro SMGs, Machine Pistols, SMGs, Pump Shotguns, Sawed-off Shotguns, Heavy Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Carbine Rifles, MGs, Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Heavy Armor.

*The Professionals-
Leaders: The Boss
Type: Professional Crime Network Crime Syndicate
Territories conquered, controlled, or are hoping to take over: La Puerta Apartments
Stock: Pistol .50s, Heavy Pistols, AP Pistols, Micro SMGs, SMGs, Machine Pistols, Assault SMGs, Combat PDWs, Gusenberg Sweepers, Pump Shotguns, Bullpup Shotgun, Carbine Rifles, Advanced Rifles, Special Carbines, Combat MGs, Marksman Rifles, RPGs, Grenade Launchers, Tear Gas, Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mine, Heavy Armor.

*Irish Republic Army-
Leaders: Patrick Flemming/ True IRA King
Type: Terrorist Group/Organized Military
Territories conquered, controlled, or are hoping to take over: None in the U.S.
Stock: Pistols, Combat Pistols, SNS Pistols, Heavy Pistols, Vintage Pistols, Pistol .50, AP Pistols, Micro SMGs, SMGs, Machine Pistols, Assault SMGs, Combat PDWs, Pump Shotguns, Sawed-off Shotguns, Assault Shotguns, Bullpup Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Carbine Rifles, Special Carbines, MGs, Combat MGs, Sniper Rifles, RPGs, Grenades, Sticky Bombs, Proximity Mines, Heavy Armor.

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