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Real Estate Information

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All apartments that you can buy in the game are the same prices that they are in the game. If you come upon a "non-enterable" house that you want to buy, contact an admin to come and price the house for you. Below, you can find how the admins usually price the houses based on the interior and exterior the house has.

Renting Properties:

In order to rent a certain property, you need to contact an admin for them to give you an exact amount of how much the property cost and then you will need to divide the total cost of the property by 52 then the number you get from dividing by the total cost is what you pay a month. (Every 4 roleplays) For Example:
The apartment I want to rent out cost 100,000$, I need to divide that by 52 which equals=1,923.07$. That is how much I pay a month, (Every 4 roleplays)

NOTE: This applies to roleplayers renting out their property for other roleplayers. If a player owns(needs to be fully paid off) a property and another player wants to rent it out, they need to follow the rules above.

Renting Hotel/Motel Rooms:

Cheap- $50Night/$300Week
Medium- $100Night/$450Week
High- $250Night/$1000Week

Paletto Bay
Bayview Lodge- Med
Dreamview Motel- Cheap

Grand Senora Desert
Eastern Motel- Med
The Motor Hotel- Cheap

The Richman Hotel- High

West Vinewood
The Generic Hotel- Med
The Gentry Manor- High

Downtown Vinewood, Rockford Hills, Pacific Bluffs, Perrera Beach, Los Santos Airport
Von Crastonberg Hotel- High

The Pink Cage Motel- Med

Del Perro
Banner Hotel&Spa- High
Crown Jewels Motel- Med
Perrera Beach Motel- Med

Vespucci Canal
The Viceroy Hotel&Resort- High

Textile City
Elkridge Hotel- High

Mission Row
Templar Hotel- Med

East Vinewood
Starlite Motel- Cheap

Billingsgate Motel- Cheap

La Puerta
Koi Retreat&Spa - High

Pricing Properties

Admins will price properties for roleplayers wanting to buy it. Below, you will find how the admins price the properties.

Property Size:
Small- 50,000$
Apartment- 50,000$
Condo- 75,000$
Medium- 100,000$
Large- 200,000$
Mansion- 750,000$
Ranch- 5,000,000$
Skyscraper- 15,000,000$

Bad- 10% of cost
Normal- 15% of cost
Good- 20% of cost
Excellent- 30% of cost

Bad- 10% of cost
Normal- 15% of cost
Good- 20% of cost
Excellent- 30% of cost

Projects/Ghetto- 15% of cost
Secluded- 35% of cost
Urban/City- 30% of cost
Suburban- 25% of cost
High-Class Suburban- 35% of cost
Country- 20% of cost
Lakeside- 30% of cost

Property Accessories:
Pool- Adds 20,000$ to original cost
Fountain- Adds 25,000$ to original cost
Fenced Area/Gate:
Large- Adds 25,000$ to original cost
Medium- Adds 17,000$ to original cost
Small- Adds 12,000$ to original cost
Garage- Adds 7,500$ to original cost
Dock- Adds 10,000$ to original cost

Making Profit from Houses

If you buy a property and own it for a long period of time, you can make profit from it. The longer you own that property, the more profit you can make from it if you sell it. Below, you can find the amount of roleplays you can make on that property. Make sure your property is paid off before you can start making a profit.

10 roleplays- 10% increase to original cost
20 roleplays- 20% increase to original cost
30 roleplays- 30% increase to original cost
40 roleplays- 40% increase to original cost
50 roleplays- 50% increase to original cost

Once you get to 50 roleplays, you can no longer make a profit from it.

Financing Properties

Players will be able to finance properties that they want to own. How you will be able to finance a property is start with a 30% down payment of the original cost. You will then need to pay a 5% payment of the original cost every roleplay until the property is completely payed off. For example:
The house I want to buy cost 125,000$. I need to put a 30% down payment on the house which is 37,500$. Then every roleplay, I need to pay 5% of the original cost which is 6,250$.

NOTE: In order to do any of these things, you need to contact an admin first before any of this happens.

Residential Properties

Downtown Los Santos:

If you're looking for a high end apartment downtown you've found it! If you think you smell the scent of urine, no worries this building is attached to the Tinkle HQ. And lucky you the Union depository is right in your back yard for all your banking(or heisting) needs. You can also wake up to comforting sounds(noise) of progress coming from the various construction sites near you.

4 Integrity Way Apt #28
10 car

4 integrity Way Apt #35
10 car

4 integrity Way Apt #30
10 car

East Los Santos:

Sustancia Rd. #12
If you want “rustic” This is the home for you! Who doesn't love cracked and peeling paint and boards on the doors? Some may imply that you're all set for the zombie apocalypse. Guaranteed to complete the homey vibe by snuggling up to the bed bugs, that if trained well won't bite(much). Nothing says crack house like this little gem!

6 car

West Los Santos:

You can live in style in the Alta Street apartments located in West Los Santos. Nothing says “style” like a fake marble veneer accents, well manicured bushes, and ground floor boutiques and none other than the famous Bean Machine, nothing says jump from a highrise like that quad shot mocha latte with skim milk, extra froth please!

3 Alta St. Apt #57
10 car

3 Alta St. Apt #10
10 car

0325 South Rockford Dr
This is home if you want the OCD look of a well kept and handicap accessible building. Apartments are located across the street from a park featuring a half pipe and semi working bathrooms. It is also adjacent to a small courtyard with a fountain, ideal for meeting your dealer within walking distance to your front door! And nothing says “My car is safe” like bars on the garage. So, have your friends over for a BBQ on your tiny deck, careful though there's a 2 person max weight limit for it.

6 car

Dream Tower, Ginger St. Apt #15
Located in(or near) Little Seoul you can roll out of bed and smell the rice cooking! This apartments key feature is the window swamp cooler that while it can be cantankerous as to when it works it will certainly lull you to sleep with its incessant rattling motor. And no worries if you ever fell guilty about something sinful you've done, you can ease it at the church located next door... unless, of course, you don't like church bells ringing at the crack of dawn on Sunday.

6 car

2057 Vespucci Blvd, Apt #1
This apartment building has seen better days but this affordable unit still has a Little Seoul and a Lot of “Pot”ential. What better way to brush up on your Korean than walking across the street to the shopping center, you can never have too many pairs of chopsticks. So, call this place home and be sure to bring your imagination! And an exterminator...

2 car

This “cozy” compact apartment is just right for you if you want to enjoy a semi-partial ocean view from this 2 -story building, meticulously maintained in its original condition... in 1962.

North Los Santos

Eclipse Towers, Eclipse Blvd., West Vinewood

Perfectly proportioned, beautifully presented lateral living opportunity on exquisite Eclipse Blvd. This apartment is as unique as the new cheekbones your surgeon just gave you, by that we mean you'll see them all over town. Ideal for investment bankers as it also located across from SchlongbergSachs. Nothing says highrise living like the nosebleed you'll get from living here!

Apt #3(updated)
10 car

Apt #31
10 car

Apt #40
10 Car

Apt #5
10 car

Apt #9
10 car

Tinsel Towers, Hawick Ave, Burton

Not quite a high rise but if politics is your thing it happens to be located across from City Hall. If running for a seat on city council falls through you can soothe your nerves at the Serenity Wellness Health Center, if all else fails there is a Bail Bond located conveniently right across the the street.

Apt #42(updated)
10 car

Apt #29
10 car

Apt #45
10 car

Richards Majestic, Corner of Heritage and Movie Star Way, Rockford Hills

Own a piece of glamorous old Vinewood, albeit a very small and expensive piece that's been made to look just like the other super-rich corners of Los Santos. A contemporary lateral living experience with one foot in the past. If you're looking to spread the perfect seed(or make some $) for the future then Eugenics is right there at your front door to help, and no need to bring your own material, just the donation!

Apt #2(updated)
10 car

Apt #29
10 car

Apt #45
10 car

Del Perro Heights, Corner of Prosperity St. and Marathon Ave, Del Perro

Enjoy ocean views far above the fray of tourists and bums on Del Perro Beach with this uptown living opportunity for the super-rich. If we can overpay for something we have, and we're passing the expense on down to you. And if this isn't tempting enough there's a Bahama Mama's for the gentlemen and MissT's(and a multiple other clothing shops) for the diva in all of us.

Apt #4(updated)
10 car

Apt #20
10 car

Apt #7
10 car

Weazel Plaza, Rockford Hills

Calling all actors! This is your chance to live on sought-after Movie Star Way in prime Rockford Hills directly opposite the legendary Richards Majestic film studios. Stagger out of your front door right onto set! By the way enjoy the fresh scent of smog.

Apt #101
10 car

Apt #70
10 car

Apt #28
10 car

4 Hangman Ave. Vinewood Hills

Crazy movie director across the road? Check. Astronomically over-priced property where your car has more square footage than you? Check. If you're looking for the full Vinewood Hills experience, this modest home ticks off all the boxes. And by modest we mean only let some of it “hang out”, unless of course you're in your pool then no holds barred. Also, a generous helping of intimidation from all the much nicer properties surrounding you.

6 cars

0184 Milton Rd. West Vinewood

Cozy one-bedroom in a cute West Vinewood apartment block! You'll only share the building with a few other units, meaning fewer neighbors for to grow to despise...or borrow sugar from.

Apt #13
6 Cars

0504 S. Mo Milton Dr. West Vinewood

This modern, renovated one-bedroom is in a well-maintained building in a great West Vinewood location. Buy now at the bottom of the market! Property values can't go any lower! We're absolutely sure this time!

6 car

1162 Power St., Hawick

Located steps away from a skate park, this cute-as-a-button one-bedroom in Hawick is perfect for families with up and coming shopaholic teenage children or tragic 30-something hipsters with fixies.

Apt #3
6 car

0605 Spanish Ave. West Vinewood

If you like living in the box this place is perfect! Minimal lawn for picnics keeps it quaint and simple. And don't mind your neighbors airing their dirty laundry on their porches... Literally.

Apt# 1
6 car

0604 Las Lagunas Blvd, West Vinewood

This building has seen better days- the closest thing to a doorman is a homeless man guy you sometimes have to step over to get into the lobby at night- but how else are you going to find a Vinewood apartment in your price range? Hope you like the smell of urine.

Apt #4
6 car

The Royale, Hawick

The Royale apartment building might not look regal on the outside but you'll live like a prince on the inside! Or maybe a pauper, just apply imagination.

Apt #19
6 car

2143 Las Lagunas Blvd., Burton

What this apartment lacks in space and all-around condition, it makes for in proximity to the liquor store. Drown in debt and your sorrows... or shopping at the nearby Rockford Plaza.

Apt #9
2 car

0069 Cougar Ave., Morningwood

This fixer-upper offers stunning views of the cemetery to at once remind you of your mortality and motivate you to get your act together and buy a better apartment one day.

Apt #19
2 car

1237 Prosperity St., Del Perro/Morningwood

With both Wigwam and Up-an-Atom right on your doorstep, burger enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice at this apartment. Of course if you prefer a healthier choice there is also a Chihuahua Dog, Bite subs, and the authentic Mexican eatery, Taco Bomb. Sadly however, it is not close to any medical facilities...

Apt #21
2 car

1961 San Vitas St., West Vinewood

Original features(circa 1961)! This cozy apartment had only one owner, who didn't update a single thing since he moved in there 40 years ago and then passed away- it was days before anyone noticed. No worries though the smell has long since dissipated, however there are rumors of his ghost still lurking around.

Apt #2
2 car

1115 Blvd. Corner of Cougar Ave and Liberty St., Del Perro

With a funky retro décor and carpeted throughout, you can literally smell the history in this apartment that features “almost” unobstructed ocean view for an “almost” unbeatable price.

Apt #18
2 car

Blaine County

4401 Procopio Dr., Paleto Bay

Stunning views of rapidly rising sea levels! And talk about amenities! This beauty is walking distance to a dive bar, hospital, funeral home, crematorium and gun store, so you can go out on the town secure in the knowledge that you're covered for every eventuality. And nothing says rustic like chipping stucco.

6 car

4584 Procopio Dr., Paleto Bay

This quaint brick facade house is bringing on the charm with its withering grass, sparse “shrubbery”, and semi-fenced yard. Never mind that the once glorious fountain out front used to not spray water everywhere. Well, at least the lawn is well watered in that particular area. Also, within walking distance to hiking path down to the beach.

6 car

0232 Paleto Blvd., Paleto Bay

Nothing says 'Murica like this little gem. Complete the all American dream by falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean and bums dumpster diving in the parking lot. Centrally located on Paleto Bay's main street, a short walk from the coast to the local supermarket.

2 car

140 Zancudo Ave., Sandy Shores

Beggars CAN be choosers! Waterfront living at a bargain price! Steps away from both a Chinese restaurant and a tattoo parlor, this location offers no shortage of late-night decisions you'll regret in the morning.

2 car

1893 Grapeseed Ave., Grapeseed

Location, location, location! Across from a feed store, mini-mart and discount clothes emporium(sounds fancy right?Not.), this house is right in the heart of the action on Grapeseed's main drag. Living on the cutting edge of rural retail!

2 car

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